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          •  外院新闻 
          Acknowledgements to KantanMT.com
          2016-03-08 admin  审核人:


                  Ludong University has been accepted by KantanMT as its first Chinese academic partner this month. The partnership will allow Ludong university students to gain practical experience with customising machine translation systems as part of the language technology courses like Computer-Aided Translation and Post-Editing Course. The courses include learning how to customise and integrate English and Simplified Chinese Statistical Machine Translation systems with leading Computer Aided Translation Tools like SDL Trados Studio, memoQ, Memsource, etc.

                  KantanMT is the world's number one provider of Custom Machine Translation (CMT) solutions. The SaaS platform ensures clients have complete control over their translation and localization efforts. KantanMT.com helps reduce translation costs with efficient workflows and protects multilingual data by ensuring that it is kept secure and confidential.

                  KantanMT clients leverage automated translation technology to produce and manage large volumes of multilingual content, quickly. The highly scalable, flexible and intuitive CMT engines can be integrated into Translation Management workflows and web applications via the KantanAPI. Sophisticated language quality review and MT engine customisation produces high-quality translations.

                  KantanMT is a trading name of Xcelerator Machine Translations Ltd. For more information, please visit www.kantanmt.com or send an email to info@kantanmt.com.

          Joe Zhou(周兴华)

          School of Foreign Languages

          Ludong University

          September 30, 2016

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