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          •  外院新闻 
          Acknowledgements to MEMSOURCE
          2016-03-08 admin  审核人:



                  Ludong University has been granted using Memsource Academic Edition since 2013, which allows Ludong university students to gain practical experience with the Cloud-base CAT tool as part of the language technology courses like Computer-Aided Translation, Localization Translation and Post-Editing Course. The courses include learning how to create projects, how to assign jobs to different roles, how to translate and review the jobs, how to use web editor and desktop editor, how to post edit Machine Translation, etc. The Academic edition is a Memsource-sponsored edition that is provided to academic institutions with translation programs.

                  The course teacher Joe Zhou has been helping localizing Memsource UI into Chinese since 2013 and Ludong University has become one of Memsource User Interface Localization Partners. (https://www.memsource.com/academic) This year Joe Zhou has passed the Exam and become the first Memsource Certified Trainer from China. (http://blog.memsource.com/trainers/)

                  Memsource (https://www.memsource.com/) was founded by David Canek in Prague, Czech Republic in 2010, with the goal of developing and providing an easy-to-use, yet full-featured, cloud-based translation platform. They now provide internationally appreciated and recognized features that optimize the entire translation supply chain, including: Enterprise translation departments, translation agencies and translators.

          Joe Zhou(周兴华)

          School of Foreign Languages

          Ludong University

          September 30, 2016

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